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Spray all surfaces and kill 99.99% of virus permanently for 3 years. Protect your life and your family.

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Protects what matters most

Coronavirus! Spray your surfaces and kill 99,99% all virus for 3 years protection. Through by spraying and wipe application, NANO4-HYGIENE LIFE® preserves and therefore retains the value of any item. Additionally, the invisible seal of amorphous glass protects your most valuable assets: health and well-being.

Key performance characteristics at a glance:

  • Safe anti-bacterial functionality – presence can be verified using a marker 

  • Prevents microbial odors 

  • Permanent fungicidal function 

  • Deprives house dust mites of food

  • Prevents mold growth on smooth and textured surfaces

  • Prevents micro scratches & reduces damage by improving the friction coefficient

  • Facilitates cleaning and removal of limescale, soot, grease, dust etc.

  • Promotes comfort, well-being and safety

  • Free from halogens (especially fluorine, PBT/vPvB- & SVHC-substances)


  • NANO4-HYGIENE LIFE® reduces surface energy. NANO4-HYGIENE LIFE® technology facilitates the removal of dirt and biological deposits as well as soap residues and inorganic dirt.

  • By forming an ultra-thin layer of glass, NANO4-HYGIENE LIFE® protects, among other things, against micro-scratches 9H. Under mechanical abrasion, the protective layer is abraded before the substrate is damaged. A unique GLIDE function, ensures that any abrasive contact materials glide over the treated surface and leave fewer traces.

  • Protected surfaces take on a measurably higher degree of hardness (3 levels of pencil hardness).

  • The surface is first cleaned and polymerized (step 1).

  • Subsequently, the modified silica delivers a safe and permanent antimicrobial function (step 2). 

  • A non-migrating antimicrobial glass layer is created.

  • NANO4-HYGIENE LIFE® is suitable for all glossy surfaces*

To meet the highest demands of test standards in the  supply chain, color coding confirms

the antimicrobial agents level of performance.






On what surfaces it can be applied:

  • Glass ​

  • Ceramics

  • Porcelain

  • Noble metals (aluminum, stainless steel, brass, gold)

  • Plastics, made from e.g. PMMA, ABS, ECTFE, HDPE, LDPE, PA, PC, PMP, PP, PS,PVC, SAN or SI

  • Varnishes

  • Printed cardboard and wrapping

  • Phones, LCD, AMOLED

  • Toilets 

  • Water dispensers

  • Steering wheel

  • Medicine tools

  •  Nursing facilities

  • Door knobs

  • Slot machines

  • Handrails

  • Elevators e.t.c.

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